Photo without camera

Closed Call

Nowadays, photography is concerned with subjects such as the passage of time, the moving image, the participation of the viewer, the appropriation of images and the journey across the web. It intersects with disciplines such as painting, sculpture, installation and architecture. In this way, photography has undergone a process of expansion whereby the camera has given way to other devices and means of capturing images. The digital has driven this transformation, guiding it towards uncertain spaces of experimentation.

ZoneZero invites all persons interested in new photographic trends to submit an image that has NOT been taken using a photographic camera. There are endless possible devices and ideas. We wish to learn about the methods used by our users to produce photography.


  • You must send photographs created without resorting to any kind of camera
  • To participate, use the hashtag #ZZNoCam on the following social networks: Twitter or Instagram
  • You must be the final author of the photographic image
  • You may submit a maximum of three images
  • On the same post, please interpret and explain how you produced the photographic image and why you consider that you did so without a camera
  • By participating, you authorize the publication of the image(s) on our website

This call for submissions is open from its publication until August, 5. From the starting date, you can see the latest images posted under the hashtag #ZZNoCam in an automated gallery under this same page.

By participating, you join the open dialogue and reflection on the many ways of producing photography.

Please take part-we look forward to seeing your proposals!

Best wishes,
ZoneZero Team

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