Juanita Escobar

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My Love, I Think of You

''que están mis llanos de adentro más hondos que tus caminos'' A.A.T.

A tense and urgent search for the other, until the pain of a caress and the shouting of the skin is felt, almost drying up because of the distance, of not being able to reach that state of love. Searching for each other, while staying in the periphery, in the secretiveness of the encounter. There where the drops of sweat are mixed with the drops of desire, the rain, and the river. To let the invisible guide what is penetrating the gestures, fraught by the tension of expectation. Soil, dampness, energy, all together in a skin eager for an encounter. That place where desire is humbled and where it demands to be seen, to be saved. Then almost touching, almost near and suddenly, the skin.

JuanitaJuanita Escobar (Colombia,1985). Self taught photographer, winner of the Colombian-Swiss Photography Prize in 2009 with her work Gente – Tierra, exhibited in the Santa Clara Museum, Bogota, and co-author of the book, Silencios: Un llano de mujeres published by Número in 2009. Winner of the Crea Digital scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture and Technologies in Colombia for the undertaking of the e-book, The Plain at Sky Level, 2012.

Portrait: Juan Andújar