Stories of a day

Closed Call

Photography is a tool that allows us to tell stories, be it a story of one shot or a series. In this Open Call we want to go beyond the reflection on photography and search for images that tell us something.

Could you tell a story of one day in your life, using only one picture?

ZoneZero challenges you to do so and participate in this Open Call. Share your images and tell us the story of a day of your life.


- You must send a photo that tells a day of your life.
- To participate, use the hashtag #ZZ1day on the following social networks: Twitter, Instagram or use the form that you will find above this Open Call. (If you want to participate through Instagram, you must have a public account)
- You must be the author of the photographs
- In the same post, you can compliment the image writing a text or a short description.
- By participating, you authorise the publication of the image(s) on our website

This call for submissions is open from its publication until January, 30th.

With your participation, you join the open dialogue and reflection on the many ways of producing photography and the stories that are generated by it.

Participate, we look forward to seeing your proposals!

Best wishes,
ZoneZero Team


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