Adam Magyar. Stainless

- Andrés Cruzat. Rephotography

- Barbara Probst 

Chino Otsuka. Finding me

- Dan Marker-Moore. Time Slice

Das Rad. Chris Stenner, Arvid Uibel & Heidi Wittlinger.

- Detroit: Evolution of a City
An interactive look at the growth, decline, and revival of the city of Detroit through historic and present-day pictures.

- Eduardo Jiménez Román. Eat to work

- Gemma Green-Hope. Gan Gan

- Gonzalo Lebrija. The Distance between You and Me 

- Kyungwoo Chun. Photographs

- Gustavo Germano. Ausencias

- Julien Douvier. Animated Photography

- Mark Klett & Byron Wolfe. Rephotography

- Michael Langan & Terah Maher. Choros

- Michael Wesely. Open Shutter

- Third View. Rephotography

- Tor Even Mathisen. Aurora Borealis Timelapse