Three ways to be you

Closed Call

With the immediacy and extensive use of devices and techniques, the theme of self-representation has suffered fundamental changes that redefine its uses, processes and discourse. Identity has become fluid: it is no longer limited to just one definition and one direction, but is it changeable, dynamic, and is being represented in infinite ways.

Under this premise ZoneZero invites all persons interested in photographic creation to participate in an exercise of self-representation. We will discover other ways of showing ourselves to the world using the possibilities of the image.


- You must send a series of three photographs that redefine your identity
- To participate, use the hashtag #ZZ3Me on the following social networks: Twitter, Instagram or use the form in this open call. (If you want to participate through Instagram, you must have a public account)
- You must be the author of the photographs
- In the same post, please tell us something about how you made the series and why you consider yourself to be exploring new forms of self-representation
- By participating, you authorise the publication of the image(s) on our website

This call for submissions is open from its publication until November, 10. As of October 10, you will be able to check out the latest posts with the hashtag #ZZ3Me on this page.

By participating, you join the open dialogue and reflection on the many ways of producing photography.

Please participate! We look forward to seeing your proposals!

Best wishes,
ZoneZero Team



Upload 3 images (750 Kb max size)