Moving Image

Closed Call

 More and more photographers use movement in their pieces; they use gifs or cinemagraphs as an instrument of expression, with which they amplify an instant and make it infinite.

If you’ve already made images in this format, this is the place to share these experiments with us; or if you've been curious, but still didn’t give it a try, this is the time to do so and enrich your visual expression.

And so, ZoneZero invites you this time to participate with a Moving Image.


- You must send us an animated gif with a theme of your own choice
- To participate, use the hashtag #ZZgiftime on Twitter and Instagram, or use the form that you will find below this Open Call (If you want to participate through Instagram, you must have a public account)
- You must be the author of the animation
- In the same post, tell us about your interest in movement in photography
- By participating, you authorise its publication on our website

This call will be open from its publication until March 31, 2015. You will be able to see the images, labeled with hashtag #ZZgiftime, 15 minutes after publication, in this section.

With your participation, you join the open dialogue and reflection on the multiple ways of doing photography.

Participate, we are eager to see your proposals!

Team ZoneZero

Check here for a tutorial that will help you create your animated GIF

Upload your image here (2 MB)