Make your own meme

Open Call November-December

To close the year, ZoneZero invites you to participate in the creation of an original MEME where you use and reinterpret any personal or public photo.

Apropiate of an image, decontextualize it and explore new meanings, ideas and messages.


- You must send us an original meme using one or more archival photographs, with a clear, agile and bold idea
- To participate, use the hashtag #ZZMeme on Twitter and Instagram or use the form that you will find below this Open Call. (If you want to participate through Instagram, you must have a public account)
- In the same post, you can complement the idea by writing a short text
- By participating, you authorise publication on our website

This Call will be open from its publication until January 6, 2016. You will be able to see the images, labeled with the hashtag #ZZMeme, 15 minutes after publication in this section.

With your participation, you join the open dialogue and reflection on the multiple ways to develop photography.

Launch a mesh in this vast ocean of possibilities featuring the theme of appropriation and participate with our ongoing dialogue and reflection on the many forms and uses of photography.

Participate, we are eager to see your proposals!

ZoneZero Team

Upload your image here (750 KB)