Sammy Slabbinck and the narrative collage

Sammy Slabbinck is a Belgian artist who appropriates photographic elements and reinterprets them to create his collages. In this sense, Sammy is a collector of images who tries to create a timeless atmosphere by combining photography and illustrations of different times and from very diverse sources, to create narratives with a touch of irony and criticism.

In comparison with other similar works, the composition and concepts of Sammy’s images are very precise. He leaves nothing to chance or free interpretation. His pieces are not only based on aesthetic decisions, for which this technique is often dismissed as artistic experimentation, but he goes further and uses the technological possibilities to take the work to another level. Using stop motion, he generates short animations that contain a particular narrative, using playful and metaphorical resources, and like this he refreshes the traditional collage and offers new possibilities.

In this way, this technique is no longer a purely graphic resource and is fully incorporated into the audiovisual language; thereby achieving an interesting convergence of formats and languages ​​that definitely perpetuate the relevance of the collage as one of the techniques that has accompanied photography from its beginnings.


Baby eruptions
Printing galaxies
On the origin of sewing species
Dissection Town
Shooting birds
The eternal chase
David is bored
Being a stock photography guy is hard work...
Was I some kind of nut? It worried her that she
couldn't get a charge out of things like others did...
Shooting breakfast
The Byrds
Roman selfie
The Monday blues
Image not found
Broken face
What came first? The paper chicken or the egg?
Ready for lift off
Kanye: happy vs sad
alejoSammy Slabbinick (Belgium, 1977). Artist tha combines a range of found photographs creating surreal collages on paper & prints and stop motion animations.